COTE-RECO inc. is a family business which has been in the shoe market for over 75 years. COTE-RECO inc. is an organization in distribution and importation of shoe products all across Canada. The imported products come mainly from countries known for manufacturing footwear such as: Italy, Spain, United States, Dominican republic, China, etc.

Centered in the Quebec province, COTE-RECO inc. is geographically situated to efficiently serve its market. Its modern installations and its warehouses cover over 180 000 square feet. This makes it possible to offer an effective service to the retailers of Quebec and Canada.

COTE-RECO inc. maximises its partner's profitability by a tight management of its inventories and fast restocking. The delivery system's high-performance remains the key to the continuous cost-effectiveness.

COTE-RECO inc.'s vast experience in the commercialisation of the family footwear represents a major asset to the businessman interested in this field of activity.


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